Deschamps names Morocco the toughest at the World Cup

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France coach Didier Deschamps has hailed Morocco as the best defensive nation in the World Cup. At the same time, he reminded his team that opponents are not only good at defense. But there is also a danger in the offensive line.

This Wednesday night, “Rooster”, the former champion team, prepares to play in the World Cup semi-finals against the dark horse Morocco

. In the past, they only lost one goal. That came from an own goal in the group stage against Canada


“Throughout this tournament Morocco played very strong defensively. And no rival team can find a way to cope ′

′ But Morocco is not only good at defensive games. They probably won’t make it to the semi-finals. If it’s a team that plays only defensively.” The UFABET report

“Morocco has shown other qualities. But it’s correct to say they’re the best defensive team ′ ′ ′

′ They have discipline. and maintain the playing shape very well At the same time, they have many good offensive players as well. So they are very dangerous when playing offensive games ′

′ What Morocco’s head coach has done is amazing. They played and beat some of the best teams in the world. Which must be credited to both players. And the coaching staff ′ ′ ′

′ That’s a historic piece. And for me it’s not surprising. Because I’ve seen them perform at the top many times, Morocco never robs anyone of a victory. And they deserve to come to this round ′′

The previous 3 World Cups, the former champions have all parked at the group stage. But not for this year because France have reached the last four.

“We reached the semi-finals. and close to being nominated That was a milestone. And it allows us to believe in ourselves,” Deschamps added.

“We can be satisfied with the work we have done. But we want to go even further

. Former championship teams often do not perform well. But we have overcome that challenge. And now we have an important game waiting on Wednesday ′

′ I know tomorrow’s game. We will face quite loud cheerleaders and Morocco will have a lot of support on the pitch. But that’s part of football. As a professional player we should be used to playing in situations like that ′

′ Those things can’t stop scoring goals. And we should be prepared to deal with it

. We will try to be on the ball as much as we can. But it doesn’t depend solely on possession. We have to try to create chances and convert them into goals.”