Enrique reveals Amrabat impressed Amrabat this time

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Former Spain coach Luis Enrique has revealed that Morocco midfielder Soyvan Amrabat is the most impressed at this World Cup

. contribute to The “Lion of Atlas” Surprise Through to the Semi-Finals

Morocco has another surprise chance to face France for a chance to reach the final, and Amrabat will once again be pivotal

against Spain. They came in the last 16 before being knocked out on penalties and Enrique admitted that Amrabat was the player he impressed the most.

“The player that impressed me the most in this World Cup is Amrabat, he’s having a great World Cup,” Enrique said via Twitch stream

. This comes every minute He was injected with painkillers to play against Spain. The UFABET report

Enrique also spoke about the game he would like to see in the World Cup final, saying: “I don’t want a rematch. French-Croatian It would be good if Morocco could win.”

In addition, he also said about Spain, “I feel we missed a very good opportunity because the team we have is very good. I saw the names of the teams that were in the semifinals and I didn’t see anyone better than us

. We tried to convince the players from day one that there was a chance that we could win titles. At first we played at a good level, against Morocco we had difficulty scoring goals. I’m the one who’s responsible ′

′ I always tell the players that they have to understand that the people who blame them are the ones who admire them as well. Those people choose to unleash their anger on the screen.”

“They admire you. But they don’t know how much it hurts you.”