‘Martinez’ credits FC White supporters for leading team

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Emiliano Martinez has hailed the Argentine supporters in Qatar as making a big difference. To help the national team reach the finals

, Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 in last night’s semi-finals. With two goals from Julian Alvarez and a penalty from Lionel Messi advancing to the final for the sixth

time, Martinez said after the game on UFABET Sports , “I couldn’t believe it. at all I really can’t believe we lost the first game, suddenly everything was turned upside down, people were asking questions. Because we have to stop the unbeaten record for 36 games in a row ′

′ Game against Mexico, we were a little bulky in the first half. Everyone wants us to lose. So it’s like we’re facing the whole world.”

“I’m very happy that these 26 players are all fighters. And we have 45 million Argentines backing us. We feel the crowd, the streets are full of Argentines. and every time we play We feel at home There are always 4-50 thousand Argentines in every area. And we’re very happy to have them.”

When asked about Lionel Messi’s fitness after the striker appeared to have his hand on his hamstring, Martinez replied: “No, no, we. Played 120 minutes against Holland. And it was a tough game for him. but as you can see He wants to finish every game. His physical condition is very good and he gets man of the match every game.