‘Messi’ is happy, his friend ‘Blue White’ is extremely smart

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Argentina star Lionel Messi says he is enjoying the World Cup right now and praises the intelligence of his teammates. who knows how to read the game in every stroke Ready to show confidence that they will win in the finals

Last Tuesday night, Messi played the full game, scoring 1 goal and 1 assist, helping “Blue White” beat Croatia 3-0 and reaching the 2022 World Cup final

. Received the official FIFA Man of the Match award and became the top scorer and top assist in this competition

after the game, the 35-year-old Paris Saint-Germain star told The UFABET . Revealed his feelings after receiving the personal award that

“I’m very happy, I know very well and I’m ready to play every game.”

“Previous games we sacrificed a lot. makes today we are tired But in the end we called our strength and won the game ′

′ We prepared a lot for this game. We knew we weren’t going to have the ball. And we have to run to seize our chances ′

′ I’m very happy with this World Cup. I’m glad to be able to help the team produce results

. They are also extremely intelligent. We know how to read the game at every tempo

. We know how to hold the ball, press, run to help the game ′ ′ ′

′ Plus we have a great technical staff. They all knew what they were doing. And that’s our magic – we know what to do at every step of the game.”

“We already know how to play in this game. And that’s why we’re not nervous, maybe Croatia doesn’t play right. They opened up space for us in many moments ′

′ The first game caused us all a lot of pain. Because at that time we hadn’t lost 26 games in a row and we didn’t think that we would lose to Saudi Arabia ′

′ That was a difficult test for the whole team. But we have proven how strong we are ′

′ After that we won the rest of the game. which are all difficult because every game is like a final And that puts us under pressure. Because if we don’t win Will put us in a situation that is quite difficult ′

′ We have played 5 finals and we have won them all. So I hope we can do the same again. we are confident And we know what we can do as a team.”

“As I said before We are enjoying this World Cup. Even though we had a difficult start But we already know this team can do it ′

′ We used to ask people to believe in us. Because we already know who we are, this team is crazy. We will play one more final. And we will try to enjoy it ′

′ My family has always been supportive. which is very impressive I want to have fun with them. Including all Argentines both coming here and watching at home”