Revealing the clip of ‘Messi’ burns ‘Guardiol’ before assisting

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Yosco Guardiol is likely to return to a nightmare. After being stun by Lionel Messi during Argentina’s clash with Croatia last night.

Aftermath of the 2022 World Cup semi-finals At the Luzail Stadium, which is a meeting between two-time champion Argentina and Croatia, the old vice-champion, both of them met

in the group stage of 2018 in Russia, where the results show. That Croatia collapsed 3 -0 But when the two met again four years later, became Argentina Revenge was accomplished with the same score.

Before the start of this game, Guardiol was one of the tournament’s most consistent performers. Until the news has received the attention of many big teams.

Afterwards man of the match Messi said: ‘I am enjoying this World Cup a lot. I am feeling really good and strong enough to face anything.

‘It wasn’t easy. We were tired but we found our strength to earn the victory. We finished the game in a very good way and I feel very happy now.

‘This squad goes beyond the collective. It’s intelligent and clever. We can read games and we know how to suffer. When necessary and what to do with the ball when it’s needed. We have played excellent technical football.’

Croatia were looking to reach a successive final after losing to France in Moscow four-and-a-half years ago and actually contributed more to this game than the scoreline suggests.

Of course, the eyes were on him when he faced seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, admitting that Guardiol had a tough game. and would not want to remember this match for a long time

Guardiol was burned by Messi. When the door closed the box. He tried to get close to the PSG striker but couldn’t hold it before Messi handed Julian Alvarez an easy pass.