Media reveals ‘Greenwood’ is renting out a house in Manchester.

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It looks like he’s actually moving after the real source of the scandal, has revealed that Mason Greenwood, a former rising star of Manchester United, has announced that he’s now renting out his luxury mansion in Manchester.

Greenwood was sent to play with Getafe on loan. Before returning to form to score goals. And perform impressively

. This summer And now it looks like he may not be returning to the team again.

According to a report from The โปรโมชั่น ufabet , the striker has announced his £2million mansion is now available for rent.

Charges were later dropp. But the now-22-year-old has not play for the Red Devils since. And faces an uncertain future ahead of the summer transfer window opening.

The house is said to have six bedrooms. Among high-end letting agents.

Greenwood, whose contract at United expires next summer. Has been link with a number of clubs ahead of the upcoming transfer window.

Greenwood’s move to Spain was widely criticised. But he has been well-supported by Getafe and their fans since his arrival. While he has excelled on the pitch. Scoring 10 goals in 34 appearances for the LaLiga outfit.

The six-bedroom luxury building is complete with Fully furnish. rent for £14,000 per month. This mansion was Greenwood’s residence when he was still playing for Manchester United.